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Plumbing emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. This is why you need emergency plumbers in Belfast that you can rely on in case of an emergency. We are available to help you at night, daytime, weekends, weekdays, holidays, practically any time!

Our experienced plumbers are on standby waiting to help. Whether it’s a stubborn clogged drain, a burst or frozen pipe, a leaky toilet, a backed up sewer line, or any other plumbing emergency, we are always available to deliver 24/7 emergency plumbing service. Keep in mind that this is at no extra or hidden costs!

Ready to address your plumbing emergency? All you have to do is ring our Belfast office and we’ll arrange to have your plumbing emergency attended to straight away. You can expect the most efficient plumbing service from us. So, don’t hesitate to call us if you are located in Belfast.

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    Emergency Plumber in Belfast

    Handling Emergency Plumbing Repairs

    The following are some of the most common home plumbing emergencies seen by Emergency Plumbers Belfast, and how you can react immediately to control the situation before our emergency plumber arrives.

    Leaky Faucets

    A leaking kitchen or bathroom faucet is one of the most common emergency plumbing repair we do. The first step to address the leak is to figure out where the stopcock is. In most cases, it’s located under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom. Be sure to check the utility room too. As a rule of thumb, it’s always good to know where the stopcock for your faucets and water pipes are in case such an emergency ever occurs. From our experience in Belfast, about 2 of 3 people know, meaning about 30% of the people will be in the dark.

    Frozen Water Pipes

    If the water pipes under your crawl space or basement aren’t protected against the cold adequately, the water inside could freeze. This problem can be such an annoyance during the cold winter months, and could lead to a myriad of problems. Freezing can exert high pressures on the water that doesn’t freeze, which could eventually cause a “blowout” in the pipes. If this happens, shut off the water from the mains such that no water flows into your home. Clean up the excess water quickly to prevent it from causing further damage to your home. The next step is to contact us right away to address the issue and restore the normal flow of water in your plumbing system.

    Sewage Backing up

    In case sewage is backing up from the drain pipes to the shower, sinks, bathtubs, or toilet, something is wrong with the sewer line. There might be a major clog in your sewer line, which could be as a result of many different things, including a tree root growing into your sewer line outside your home. As a temporary solution, you can go ahead and remove the cap from the sewer pipe cleaning access – which is usually a white cap and white pipe near where the main sewer line exits your home. While raw sewage might start flowing into your yard, it’s much better than having it overflow into your showers and toilets. Of course, you want to avoid flushing the toilet and running water until our Belfast plumbing technician arrives to unclog or fix the sewer line.

    Clogged Drains

    Clogged drains can be a great emergency especially if they keep happening on a regular basis. There are a few common causes of clogs:

    • Hair
    • Grease
    • Inappropriate items going though sinks
    • Inappropriate items being flushed in toilets

    It’s highly recommended that you always have a plunger handy to help you address a clogged drain. A plunger is also more economical and environmentally friendly at removing clogs, compared to chemical-based solutions, which could also damage your lines. If the clogs have become stubborn, you probably need to get your drain pipes cleaned. Keep in mind that soap, hair, grease, and other debris can build-up inside the pipes, and the only way to have them cleared is with a professional plumbing service in Belfast.

    Belfast PlumberWhy Choose Us As Your Emergency Belfast Plumber?

    We understand the importance of taking care of your plumbing emergency as soon as possible. As such, our plumbers strive to ensure that our trucks and technicians are stocked with the plumbing materials they need to resolve your emergency as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our customers know this too well, and have come to trust our reliable services for all their plumbing needs. In fact, they have relied on us for over 20 years for honest and professional advice and services on all kinds of plumbing problems. Each of our plumbers is insured and licensed, and you can expect true professionalism and quality in our work. Give us a call today and see for yourself!

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