Your boiler and pipes are essential systems in your home. However, winter poses a significant risk to them and if you do not take care of them, they could burst and leave you stranded when you need them most. But how can you avoid such cases? It is known that boiler servicing will keep it in excellent condition throughout, but the threat posed by the subzero temperatures experienced during winter is something else. This article has combined some proven tips from our emergency plumber in Belfast on how to take care of your boiler and pipes in the winter to avoid them being affected by the cold.

Run the Boiler Regularly

It is normal to turn off your boiler when your home has enough warmth. However, break this norm during winter and keep your boiler running more often than not. You might think that the energy bill will increase, but you will end up saving more in the long run. Running your boiler constantly will ensure that your system is working efficiently since the boiler will be free of any grit. This will reduce the chances of the cold freezing some of the moving parts and reducing the boiler’s efficiency. This will also increase the average temperature of your pipes and thus prevent any bursts. This is particularly important if you will be leaving your home for a few days.

Insulate Your Pipes

If your pipes are exposed to the open, consider insulating them before winter comes. The cost of doing it is relatively low, and most plumbers can do it. It will reduce the exposure of the pipes to the cold and thus reduce the chances of them freezing and bursting during winter.

Combi Gas BoilerEnsure the Boiler Is Working Well

Your boiler will be needed the most during the winter, and it helps to ensure that it is functioning optimally. You do not want a case where it stops working during the winter. This will expose your pipes to the cold and make them more vulnerable to freezing. Get a qualified expert to come and check out the boiler before winter hits hard so that they can make sure that everything is in order. Any potential problem with the functioning should be addressed immediately.

Remove Any Blockages

Blockages are your worst enemy during winter and can lead to many problems for your system. You can deal with this by removing anything from the setup that can lead to a potential blockage. Check with the outside flues and ensure that nothing is blocking them. Other appliances should also not block the air vents.

Drain the Pipes

If you are going to be away from your home for some time, drain your pipes and central heating system. When these pipes do not have any water, the chances of them bursting are minimal while you are away on your travels. It is recommended that you maintain a minimum temperature on these pipes as well while you are away to protect them from the cold as well.

What To Do In Case Of A Burst

While you can do all the mentioned things and prevent a burst, they can be unavoidable, and you should understand what to do in such cases. Be proactive and turn off your stop tap to prevent any more water from getting into your home. Remove any appliances and items from the soggy place and try to dry it. Call your insurance provider immediately, and they will advise you what to do. Do not engage any plumbers or repair people since they could start repairing the pipe and render the coverage null. Your insurance firm will most likely hire specialised firms that will restore your system to its optimal condition.